The hull, foils, mast, spars, sails are measured to one design rules, although the choice of hull builder, foil maker, sailmaker and spar manufacturer are all left open.

The fitting out of the boat is left open. The class rules are fairly simple and every boat must have an ISAF validated measurement certificate.

Fortunately the International Contender Class is very tough on rule changes which means that old boats continue to remain competitive.

Unfortunately with the boat being so great to sail, the limited rule changes and the longevity of hulls and rigs, the down side is that there are rarely boats on the market, don't despair, they do come up though, and if you see one, snap it up quick before it's gone!

or if you fancy an additional challenge, you could complete a hull (C-serve offer hull only for fitting a wooden deck) or if that's not enough for you, a complete home build is allowed in wood.

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