Contender hulls show excellent longevity, KA1 sailed in the 2014 world championships!

Buying a secondhand boat is the most common way into the class for newcomers and good way to get time in the boat. So the age of theĀ  hull should not discourage you so long as it's sound as there is always a strong secondhand market for the class.

Rig tensions used within the class are generally relatively low (300 lbs on shrouds, 26-30 on a loos guage) which means most hulls have not been over stressed.

Look at the hull-deck joint (inculding the centreboard case) as these can be prone to leaks on some of the older all-glass boats.

Other points, as with any class to look for are the general condition of the hull (a few scratches are inevitable from the trapeze hook, beaching etc and can all be filled and buffed out), state of the mast and rigging, trailer and other gear.

A good older hull can be brought up to speed by re-weighing and the removal of correctors, together with the addition of a new mast,boom and sail if you so desire.

You can also Check for correctors - older boats do tend to put on a bit of extra weight with age (like their owners!) The correctors on the boat should be noted on the measurement certificate. If they are removed the boat should be reweighed by a measurer and the certificate amended accordingly.

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