The Contender Class allows the use of Carbon mast and booms. All of the rigs allow the flexible topmast to bend off in the gusts, depowering the rig and providing a highly responsive rig that requires the minimum of tweaking whilst sailing. 

Second hand boats will often come with a Alloy mast, the most dominant and popular of these was Wavelength, they are a little heavier and less gust resposive than the carbon masts but they dont lack speed and make a good starting point for getting into contenders.

The current Contender rigs are based on a mast and sail which perform well by having a flexible top section and stiffer base (below the spreaders). The leading carbon masts in the UK are;

Wavelength Designs, No longer produced by Wavelength but can be sourced through Superspars, This Mast was the first popular Carbon mast in the UK and is still likely to be the mast on a 2nd hand boat, it is a reletively stiff mast but can be tuned successfully by a large range of weights, Hotshot user; Stuart Jones

Avant Garde, Standard Modulus, Many of these masts came into the UK as Wavelength's production ended, they are more flexible than the Wavelength and suited mid range sailors from 80-90Kgs, There were allegedly 2 levels of stiffness but on testing they were all relatively flexible. Still very competitive.

Selden S2 Standard modulus, Mega stiff, used by heavy weights to some success, had a few incidents of breaking in early models that now has been dealt with. Hotshot User Tim Holden

High Modulus, Soft to Stiff

Avant garde Great for lighter chaps very successful, worlds winner, Hotshot users Soren Dulong Andreasson, Gary Langdown

Paragon, Considered to be soft but has been tuned very well by heavier guys to be successful, has exactly the same bend charatistics as the C-tech and is available from P&B. Hotshot users Graham Scott, Ben Holden, Simon Mussell

Ardspars, Aardvark no longer produce spars but they were able to create any stiffness required by the buyer so check how stiff it is when buting 2nd hand, used by Simon Mussell to win the Worlds (A stiffer version).

C-Tech, from New Zealand, rare in the UK, but worlds winner with Jason Beebe in 2017

CST, Good for mid range to heavier guys, readily available in the UK through Hartley boats very successful, Hotshot users, Mark Bulka, Andrea Bonezzi, Christoph Homier.

Superspar HM, Unknown as yet, although the original Normal Modulus version is still also available from Hartley.

Selden, starting to re enter the Contender market with a new High modulus, early results look good with a wide range of weights using it.

Harprecht, Kraus, Bonezzi, Each of the European boat builders can supply masts as well, these are usually attached to their own boats, not many are available in the UK.


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