Very easy. You will be surprised how easy, and also at the lack of water in the cockpit.

Pull the board right down, stand around half way down, let the vang off and pull on the side deck. Get back into the boat as it recovers to prevent capsizing on the other tack if the bow is blown round. A good tip is to climb onto the board from the front to avoid damaging the thin trailing edge.

Turning Turtle: Stand on the hull and pull on the centreboard so that the side of the boat pointing upwind will lift (as soon as the wind gets under the edge of the hull it will help).

Pull the boat onto its side so that now the mast is pointing upwind. Ease the kicker (let it go) pull the boat upright and as soon as the mast lifts off of the water go under the boat - how? By wrapping your arms and legs around the board and hang on (try and get around the board as it rolls so you're on top of it on the new windward side).

As the boat blows over you will come up on the other side, grab the new windward gunwhale to stop it blowing back over OR if you didn't make it around the board, just keep hanging on and your weight will pull the boat upright, or you can climb back on the board and pull it up normally (the mast is now pointing downwind of course). This method really works and is often referred to as the ESKIMO or SAN FRANCISCO ROLL.

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