The Australian Nationals, the precurser to the Worlds are under way in Fremantle.  Early results suggest that the Worlds may well be something of a re-run of the 2004 Worlds on Garda with Andrea Bonezzi (ITA), Marcus Hamilton (AUS), and Tim Holden (GBR) making the early showing.
Soren Andreasen reports:

More wind today than yesterday, 15 to 18 knots in the first race and 18 to 20 knots in the second. The first race was very closed between the first 3 sailors, all the way from the beginning to the end there was close figthing, Matt Hosie and Tim Holden were sailing much faster than yesterday and they hold the first 2 places until the last upwind were Andrea passed them simply because of better boat speed. Marcus was also fast on the downwind leg and finished 4th not far behind the 3 leaders. Soren managed to finish 5 after having chased the 4 guys in front all through the race.

The second race saw Andrea leading all the way from the first mark to the end, Marcus did get closer and at the end of the downwind he was breathing Andrea in the neck, Marcus lost on the a little on the last upwind but still managed to finish 2nd just ahead of Tim Holden and Matt Hosie. Tim Hill came in 5th for his second top 5 position.

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