Marcus Hamilton clinched the 2006 Contender Australian Championships at Fremantle sailing in mainly light and shifty conditions...
Australian Nationals

Day 3
A racing day with light and shifty winds (like the last worlds in Travemunde). It was a day where you had to start on the pin end and go all the way to the left and tack on the lay line as a big lift was comming to you on as you were sailing up to the top-mark. Marcus was first around the top mark with Soren following closely, they had a close fight on the reaches, but Marcus managed to stay in front. Gary Langdown from England was thrid aroud the bottom mark. At the last upwind Marcus and Soren went into a tacking duel, that meant that Gary was suddenly second not far away from Marcus. The wind then picked up and Soren managed to pass Gary again. Marcus won with Soren in second and Gary in thrid and Tim Holden in 4 place. Soren and Tim now had same points. Andrea was OCS'ed.

Second race was a copy of first race, except that this time Gary was second and Soren was thrid. Tim Holden broke his trapeze harness and went in during the race. Andrea had a really bad race and finish 19. The race was shortened which was not any help for Andrea.(shitta-fucka)

Day 4
Marcus had already won the Australian Nationals and did not have to race. Second place was between Soren and Tim Holden. To Finish 2nd overall Soren only had to make sure Tim would not be in the top 4 and if so Soren should not be more than one boat behind him.

Andrea could still finish 3, but it required him to finish no worse than 4(if tim hill would win) and to beat Tim Holden he had to beat him with at least 3 boats.

The wind were againg light and the left side was favorized. Matt Hosie came around the top mark with huge lead to Tim Hill and Jan Von der bank in 2th and 3rd. Tim Holden was fifth around the top mark but managed to hit it and had to do a 360 penalty turn. Soren came around the top mark as 8th but showed good boat speed on the reaches and manged to round the button mark as 4'th.

Tim Holden went dead right on the upwind and Soren followed wisely. The right side was not good so Soren and Tim lost loads of boats. Matt Hosie was still in front but both Jan and Tim was closing in. On the last upwind Jan overtook Matt and since he was covering him also Tim Hill managed to pass. In the end Jan finished first, Tim Hill Second and Matt Hosie 3rd. Andrea Finished 13 and Tim Holden 18.

Overall results for the Australian Nationals

1-Marcus Hamilton AUS
2-Soren Andreasen DEN
3-Tim Hill AUS
4-Simon Mussell GBR
5-Andrea Bonezzi ITA

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