Charter Boats wanted for Medemblik Worlds

Message from Cees, President Dutch Contender Association (DCA).

The Dutch Contender Association is working hard to make the 50th Worlds a memorable event. 

To get as many boats on the water as possible for this anniversary, we got the cooperation of the American association and ICA to deviate from the pattern that was followed in the past, i.e. after AUS and EUR, USA/CAN would organize an event. A reason for this change is that shipping boats around the world in containers has become more difficult and expensive. Uncertainty about how Trumps “America first” policy would add to those difficulties increased the risk that our 50th might be sailed by less than 50 boats.

We do want to get all American sailors over to participate and since it is easier for sailors to travel than for boats, we are convinced it is possible. DCA is doing its part by waiving the American participants the entry fee for the Worlds. We need your help in finding (charter) boats for them.

Over the last few weeks, similar sounds reach us from Australia, they experience difficulties getting a container organised. The event won’t be the same without the Aussie team and we know some of them are also looking for boats.

There are plenty of boats in Europe. So the challenge is get those boats on the water. What we would like to ask you is to approach your members and ask who would be willing to lend or charter a boat to the Americans or Australians. DCA will collect that information and forward it to them.

On the practical side, owner and sailor make their own arrangements with respect to cost, insurance, etc. Getting boats to the event site by sharing transport is something we have been good at, so that shouldn’t be a big problem. Advantage for the owners: your boat will likely be in better shape after the event as it is tweaked and tuned to get the best results.

On a side track, for those who have rented accommodation and have empty beds: let us know and we’ll do our best to spread the word. 

Please lets help each other to make the Contender even greater. The 50th Medemblik event will be included in the last chapter in the upcoming new edition of “Hooked On” and how nice would it be if it describes the success of our joint effort to unite sailors from all over the world? It would be a good example of what a warm and international family the Contender class is.

Email Chris Boshier if you can help with any of the above.

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