Sat 8th March brought by default the first 2014 Traveller Trophy event ,
hosted by Bough Beech SC deep in the weald of Kent.
Dawn broke to a glorious spring morning and the mandatory Welshman asleep on
the doorstep.
After coffee & bacon sanies local Contenderer Jon Hill gave his consice
briefing, Jon being off sailing due to mainsheet elbow was available to
assist Rob Howell as race officer.

Race 1. Good wiring breeze for all with typically inland breeze into the mid
teens, glorious sunshine, slightly port end line and an unconventional right
handed  P course.
Clean start for those that got there on time. Big Tony Cook still bolting
his ‘out of the box Karsten Kraus with ever so sexy arrow glass outer skin’
together as he rounded the pin and gave chase.
On the race track it was tight with plenty of opportunities for snakes and
ladders. Martin Frary obviously in a rush to catch the postman rounding 1st
with Chris(my other boat is in the container) Boshier close behind and local
knowledge guru Brian Whitmey 3rd. New to the fleet Simon Turnbull from
Neyland YC in Pembrokeshire now fully awake and showing good speed, Jerry
Hone pausing at mark 4 to wash the Lancing salt off his sail. Local new
Contenderer Guy Marks fell in on the reach and Tim Humphries Pevensey
curtiously dipping his mast on the gybe. Meanwhile at the leeward end of the
course Big Tony's mainsheet knot undid with instant effect. Southern Water
later reported a surge in pressure at the treatment works.
A cat & mouse games ensued in the front 5, in the end it was Frary, Boshier
& Whitmey then Dives & Humphries 1st &2nd losers.

Race 2 Similar breeze with a tad more west saw both ends popular, pin end
group behaving impeccably but at the boat end Frary and Boshier were
pensioner bashing, Dives had an episode and forgot where he was, which
happened to be in front of the line.
The beat was tricky business again with Humphries noisily rounding 1st then
Frary & Hone. Frary looking very fidgety in his boat downwind quickly
assuming his normal position. Boshier picked his way through to take 2nd and
Humphries managed a 3rd, Whitmey & Hone 4th & 5th.

Short intermission to enjoy the benefits of a robust all inclusive lunch &
much chat.

Race 3 Fleet arrived on station in the nick of time after wetting the
gelcoat on Tony's new K&K.
Clean start on slight port biased line. Breeze now going south putting the
windward mark in 'shifty corner'. Right looked good for some with Marks in a
strong position, all he had to do was tack in less than 20 lengths, tack he
did and rounded 2nd    behind Whitmey. Once on the run a quick sprinkle of
Frary dust and normal service was resumed at the front with Boshier pushing.
By lap 2 the fleet was noticeably split in 2, finishing Frary, Boshier,
Humphries & Dives followed later by Whitmey et al.

Race 4  Wind now more southerly and obviously pin end tempting a Boshier &
Frary flyer ducking Humphries wriggling over the pin, seconds later Marks &
Hone were discussing rule 10 while leaning on the pin. At the 1st rounding
it was Frary, Boshier, Humphries with Whitmey close enough to go low on the
top reach and drop into 3rd. 2nd beat saw Humphries lifted nicely into 2nd
for most of the race, however Silver Surfer Dives oozing past on the last
run left Humphries flustered by the indignity thus rounded badly giving 3rd
to Boshier, cruelly pushing Humphries into the journalism spot. Frary was
unstopable again, Dives took 2nd, Boshier 3rd.

Final results:
1 Martin Frary, Weston
2 Chris Boshier, Thorpe bay
3 Pete Dives, Eastbourne
4 Tim Humphries, Pevensey bay
5 Brian Whitmey, Bough Beech
6 Jerry Hone, Lancing
7 Simon Turnbull, Neyland
8 Tony Cook, Downs
9 Guy Marks, Bough Beech

Furthest travelled: Simon Turnbull, by miles & miles.

Thanks to Bough Beech for what was a thoroughly pleasant days inland
sailing. Next event, Oxford 12th April.

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