Round 3 of the contender travellers series brought the competition further north to Burton SC. A nice southerly F4 greeted the happy travellers. Blowing out of the dinghy park down the reservoir could make this fun.


Race 1 saw the fleet going round the cans a few times on a long course and even with a lead boat you had to remember where you were going. The wind was turning chess on the water into roulette. Every lap going the same way you gained last time might not pay. With constant pressure more important than direction as the wind swung about and gusted. Teabag anyone! Tim took the finish followed by Ben and Tom. Could this be the norm?


Race 2 and with a slight bias saw Tim try a port flyer but on a short line getting caught for a swim and dropped down the fleet. Ben and Tom set off to make use of the head start. A new shorter course with a great reach the full width of the reservoir far enough away from the banks to give a clean wind, Flat wiring provided great fun for all. But as they leaders hardened up near the dam wall the Burton breeze did a big swirl to give them a nice swim much to the delight of Neil and Bill coming flying in. But with another round of shifts they gained back. With Tom taking the finish from Ben and Neil.


Race 3 by now the back to back racing taking its toll but with the same good course the fleet had started to master its fickle wind. Even so it was easy to take big steps up with the right shift. Ben at last got the win he needed with Tim close behind and Tom showing the improvement he has made following his race wining trip to the  Australian worlds


A 10am start meant no hanging about tweaking in the boat park. The wind had backed and was now coming down towards the club house. But still enough for everyone to trapeze. But if the fleet thought it was going to be steady a quick dunking would remind them they were at Burton.


Race 4 Saw the choice being go near the shore and get a lift but risk big holes or try the middle but risk being knocked away from the mark. It was becoming a battle of the Holden’s, and as the pair approached the bottom mark ready for the last leg with Tim on the inside line, Ben skilfully kept Tim as windward boat out of the 3 boat lengths to make a last minute gybe for the mark to get the lead.


Race 5 The determination of the racing was now showing and again Tom trying his hand to port lay line the windward mark but a tack in Bens water caused a protest and turns. Tim keeping on the pressure for the open took the finish with ben and tom following


Race 6 by now the wind had backed some more, but with the intermingling of club racing the line was left with committee boat end bias. As the crowds jostled to get position Tim was manoeuvred out and Ben ended up at the back of the fleet. Everyone’s chance to make a gain and Neil rounding the windward mark first. But Tom showing his downwind speed (Still needs to eat more pies) first he overtook and then in the lighter airs Roger taking advantage. But back came the breeze and Roger tried the middle much to his regret. Neil covering between Ben and Mike taking the shore route. Mike taking it right to the beach saw massive gains jumping from 5th to 2nd and Neil now had Ben on his transom. The pair split at the bottom mark and Ben just overtaking on the opposite end on the line.


Big thanks to the club for some excellent close racing right down the fleet. The consistency of the results not showing the battling to gain it. With a brilliant fast turnaround between races so no hanging about, and to the Hooton’s for accommodation.


Next round sends the fleet to Stone SC for the Eastern Championship.

results here

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