British Contender Association AGM 2018

Held at Hayling Island Sailing Club 8th September 2018 at 17.00


Chris Boshier, Ed Presley, Tony Brooks, Peter Dives, Chris Howe, Tony Cook plus 28 members

Acceptance of 2017 Minutes

Proposed Paul Ross Seconded by Ben Holden

Chairman’s report

Chris discussed how Tony Cook has helped with making sure members pay their subs on time, Hartley Boats have now taken over the responsibility of the Dinghy show and have offered to help with promotion of the class etc. He also talked briefly on the matter of attracting more new faces, with the free / half price entry to nationals adding a few new faces.

Treasures report

Peter dives explained the BCA accounts in detail. Last year showed 59 members with the BCA paying out £300 on the dinghy show promotion etc. with the accounts showing a surplus of £570. The interim account for this year shows a healthy 73 members with less now paying by PayPal thanks to Tony Cook. The big expenditure this year was the purchase of scaffold framing for the shipping container, but this cost will be recovered over the coming years. The other main expense for BCA is the subsidised entries to the Nationals.

Approval of accounts proposed by Dick Butner 2nd by Adrian Smith

Membership secretary report

Tony Cook explained the total number of members was now 73/74. We shall continue with £30.00 if paid by the end of January £35.00 after end of January as this proved successful. He asked members to help by chasing up Contender sailors at your own clubs who are not or no longer member. A discussion on possible ways to flag up non-members, Ben Holden suggested a member’s sticker to on your boat and


Gary Langdown suggested that we may have a members list on the Website, with Dick Butner suggesting that this goes on a private members area. It was suggested that we may need to get consent from each member to show these details but we would only show name and sailing club details.

Nick Nobles asked about the loan boat and why was it not at the Nationals, Chris Boshier explained that this was due to having two members with the same name and once he had realised it was too late to offer the boat out. Nick suggested that the boat should be for a participating sailor. Chris B explained that the original idea for the loan boat was for under 18’s this was then changed to under 21 now should be under 25.

Technical report

Chris Howe explained how he has been busy measuring new Hartley boats with the help of Hartley’s and Rodger White measuring the sails, he also added that the boats are all looking very similar when measured. There is a problem with some masts not having enough drainage at the bottom, 200mm2 is required (2 holes 11mm diameter). If you have an internal halliard then the outlet hole can be included.

Events Secretary Report

Ed Presley explained that next year would be the same, but different in as much as we will still be doing 10 opens throughout the year and the Nationals in September at Broadstairs. We now have a large number of Contender sailors in the south east. Nationals for 2020 not yet decided. Dick B asked if we could look at the whole package, Venue, camping etc. Simon M thought the venue was top priority.

Quiberon France next year, Dick B explained that campervans on site needs to be booked early, but local campsite will not take bookings until January. Ed explained that next year’s list of events should be available by Rutland Inlands.



Chris B talked on the possibility of having a stand at next year’s Dinghy show to celebrate 50 years of the class, there is some confusion over the year to celebrate with the boat designed in 1967 first established as International class in 1968 and first worlds in 1969. The proposal is to have possibly 5 Contenders on display one from each decade. Dick B apparently has a C-Section (mast) that could be used. Tony B expressed that we would need to pay for a stand, Chris B explained the ICA may be willing to fund this. After a brief discussion this was put to the vote.

For 9 Against 20 Abstained 3

Richard Batten suggested that we should have a talk on tactics at the nationals from one of the more experienced sailors. We had tried a buddy system in the past that was not successful.

Tom Hooton suggested that we should try to get 10 races in for a national Championship event to allow for 2 discards, possibly a 5 day event or 2/3/3/2 races per day. After a brief discussion this was put to the vote.

For 17 Against 12 Abstained 2

Dick B made the point that tow ropes are in the rules and should be carried at all times so should not have been recommended at the briefing.

Richard B thanked the committee, then asked if we can change the pumping rule to 3 pumps per wave max, not just pump as you wish, this was thought to be very difficult to police. Adrian Smith explained that as most UK Contender sailors sail in Handicap racing at club level we do not get the practice of pumping so are disadvantaged when attending international events.


Proposal of officers

Tony Brooks proposed by Tom Hooton 2nd Adrian Smith

Tony Cook proposed by Dick Butner 2nd Rob Smith

Ed Presley proposed by Gary Langdown 2nd Stuart Jones

Chis Boshier proposed by Rodger White 2nd Tony Cook

With Peter Dives standing down as Treasurer, he was thanked for his help over the last 5 years and Gary Langdown enthusiastically offered to take up the reigns.

Gary Langdown proposed by Peter Dives 2nd Ed Presley

Prizes were then handed out to the day’s winners, and a spot prize to James Spikesley for his entertaining acrobatics while sailing.

AGM closed at 18.10


Next AGM to be held at Broadstairs Sailing Club on 7th September 2019

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